April Batterman

Licensed Esthetician
Makeup Artist
Licensed Massage Therapist
2011 - present

Having been in the spa industry since 2001, first as a massage therapist and more recently as an esthetician, I have always enjoyed making people feel good with the gift of touch. As a teenager I suffered from acne and it seemed I tried everything to alleviate it. Once I received my first facial and listened to the home care instructions of my esthetician, my acne vanished with in months. It is so incredibly rewarding to help people look and feel better. With my knowledge of therapeutic massage techniques, and my fresh take on esthetics; I strive to provide clients the benefits of both to serve their needs in the best way possible.

I feel privileged to be working amongst the team of professionals at Fabu that share my same passion for skin care, overall wellness, and client satisfaction.