Spa Packages

Fabu Classique

$195 - 2 hours 10 minutes
Our Classic Indulgence; relax with a soothing one hour aromatherapy Swedish massage, followed by our exquisite 70-min Eminence Organic Fruit & Vegetable Facial.

Fabu Petite

$125 - 1 hour 10 minutes
The perfect indulgence for those on the go! Enjoy a soothing 30-minute aromatherapy Swedish massage followed by our 40-minute Eminence Organic Fruit & Vegetable Facial. Great for both Men and Women. 

Fabu Mama

$200 - 2 hour 10 minutes
Here at Fabu, we know how hard you mamas work, and we think you deserve a few moments of peace, quiet and relaxation. Whether you’re a mama, or mama-to-be, we invite you to enjoy our 90-minute aromatherapy massage, and our 40-minute Eminence organic fruit and vegetable facial. After all, even mamas need a day off every now and then!

*mamas-to-be must be at least 13 weeks for massage*