DRx Spectralite Bodyware Pro



What It Is: An FDA CLEARED light therapy device that treats aging & acne plus
relieves mild muscle and joint pain on the body.

In It For You: A combination of 148 red lights + 68 blue lights work
together to treat wrinkles and acne, help reduce visible dark spots, and alleviate
mild pain over the entire body. In just 3 minutes, red lights penetrate deep within
skin’s dermis to stimulate collagen production for anti-aging benefits while blue
lights destroy P. acnes bacteria to treat and prevent breakouts. An additional 14-
minute mode provides intermittent pain relief through anti-inflammatory red lights.
Within days, see a reduction of acne and in weeks, see lines begin to fade. In 10-
weeks, collagen builds significantly, and deep wrinkles visibly improve.


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