Procell Trial Serum Set 5ml



Restore your skin’s ability to heal itself with Cellular Renewal Serum.
This aqueous formula quickly absorbs into your skin with a high concentration of physiologically
balanced Stem Cytokines (derived from human bone marrow stem cells) fortified with two recombinant
Growth Factors, TGF-ß3 and IGF-1.

The addition of classical actives, such as peptides and antioxidants, yield a robust skincare system.
Wrapped in nanolipid carriers for enhanced penetration, these ingredients create exceptional results at
the cellular level.

 Restores the skin’s natural healing and rejuvenating ability
 Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
 Creates a visible brightening and lifting effect
 Prevents new visible signs of aging


The Healing Accelerator Serum is a performance-driven formula rich in moisturizers and revitalizing
actives. Beta Defensin 3, Bakuchiol, and Vitamin C work to optimize skin tone and texture, while the
host of additional actives nourish and protect the skin.

 Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
 Supports a healthy skin defense system and barrier integrity
 Reduces the appearance of large pores and balances moisture levels
 Gently increases skin renewal at the cellular level
 Defends skin against environmental free radical damage
 Maximizes the rejuvenating effect of Cellular Renewal Serum


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